Thermal-Loc Insulated Panels offer a wide range of exterior metal skin finishes which suit any building requirement.  Thermal-Loc Insulated Panels not only keep food facilities thermally insulated, but are able to control bacteria, grease or dust with a strong choice of finishes that support a clean work environment.  Thermal-Loc Insulated Panels are highly washable, hygienic and resistant to mold and stains.  They meet pertinent FDA and USDA conditions.

Thermal-Loc cold storage panels, doors and roof systems for the cold storage industry
cold storage systems walk in refrigerated storage building
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Thermal-Loc Insulated Panels Process

Thermal-Loc Insulated Panels are manufactured with precise specification on our

continuous panel line.  The individually inspected EPS cores guarantee a panel without

voids and no loss of R-value.  Our environmentally friendly panel systems come in a

variety of finishes, thickness, lengths, and widths to suit your building’s needs. 

Thermal-Loc’s continuous laminating line can manufacture panels in any length desired

up to 60 feet and to each jobs specific tolerance needs.  Our streamlined manufacturing

process allows rapid lead times with the highest quality for your project and are among

the fastest available in the industry.

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