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Thermal-Loc Insulated Panels offer a wide range of exterior metal skin finishes which suit any building requirement.  Thermal-Loc Insulated Panels not only keep food facilities thermally insulated, but are able to control bacteria, grease or dust with a strong choice of finishes that support a clean work environment.  Thermal-Loc Insulated Panels are highly washable, hygienic and resistant to mold and stains.  They meet pertinent FDA and USDA conditions.

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Testing and R-Values

Testing and R-Values

Comprehensive tests under extreme temperature and humidity have proven that Thermal-Loc Insulated Panels will withstand extreme temperature and weathering conditions.  Nothing comes close to matching Thermal-Loc’s energy saving properties with insulation values up to R-50.  Our cost efficient, durable product saves money and resources now and in the future.

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